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June 2023 President’s Piece

Kia Ora Everyone

What a difference the weather makes. We have had 3 days of sunshine in the Coromandel!  I have got inspired to get out in the garden and catch up on a lot of jobs that desperately needed doing.

The Great NZ Quilt Show is over and what a great show it was. I hope a lot of you managed to attend and went home inspired by the lovely quilts on exhibition.  Every time I went around the merchants they all seemed to be flat out, their displays of their merchandise was a feast for the eyes so I hope you all did some retail therapy. I really enjoyed seeing the results from those of you who participated in the Colour Book Study that Jo convened. It drew quite a crowd of people that obviously enjoyed reading and comparing the different styles.

We are still finalizing the attendance numbers but we can give you an interim amount of 1115 people attending over the 3 days. Saturday was the busiest and Sunday was the quietest. Unfortunately the fact that it was Mother’s Day worked against us so we will try to avoid that in the future.

We are well into our Winter Program now so I hope you are all managing to take part in some of our activities. The Red Challenge has closed and there were 61 entries. Thank you to all of you who sent in an entry. By limiting it to 1 entry per person it has made it more viable for quilt groups to have them displayed at their quilt exhibitions. We will let you know who the winners are after they have been judged and are ready to travel. If your group would like to have them at your exhibition please get in touch with Cindy.

We announced the Members Challenge at the member’s breakfast at The Great NZ Quilt Show. ‘Light it Up’. Check out the details on the Website as there is a small twist that will get you thinking. Entries need to be in by the 28th July, so you will need to get moving if you haven’t already started.

Charlottes Book Study continues, so I hope those of you who are participating are enjoying it. I look forward to hearing about it and perhaps seeing some results.

This week is Timna Tarrs Webinar, I am looking forward to watching and hearing what she has to say. This is part of our Education and Development program especially for our members so I hope you enjoy it and get inspired. All for now, enjoy the sunshine and keep well.

Regards Valda Sutton,

Valda presenting Jocelyn Thornton her Viewers Choice award at the GNZQS 2023 with Judi Schon’s quilt ‘Strawberry Daiquiri’ (also an award winner) in the background.