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January 2022 President’s Piece

Happy New Year to you all

It was lovely to see some of you at the Christmas zoom meeting. I hope you have managed to have a lovely restful time over the Christmas period, happy holidays with friends and family and are now ready to start the year full of energy and enthusiasm. I have spent the holiday break at home, periodically looking after 2 grandchildren for 3 day breaks. It has been fantastic weather and we have found lots to do but the afternoons have got so hot we have had to move inside and explore our creative sides.

I asked 9 year old Ben if he would like to do some cooking. Rather begrudgingly we made a pizza. I asked him at the end if he enjoyed it and his reply was “Nanna, I am a builder not a cook”, so it was back to the Lego for him! Six-year-old Sasha had seen my plan for my Brown Challenge and wanted to do something like that so I suggested we make a cushion. We made a plan, got the materials together and had a practice at using a big needle and thread. It became apparent that sewing was going to be difficult, but she excelled at the decorating part. We compromised, she decorated and I sewed. We have so far made a cushion, bag and pencil case and she is very proud of her efforts. I am hoping it is the start of something.

First up on the AQ calendar is the Brown Challenge, so I hope you have all given it some thought and got your entry sorted. I know Brown is not a favourite colour for a lot of you, but I found the Resene Colour Chart helpful in the planning. Closing date is the 14th March.

Next up is the Members Challenge ‘Lines’ entries due 13th May. We have given you an option of portrait or landscape so hopefully appealing to a variety of quilters. This members’ challenge will be launched at the Taupo Exhibition on the 24-26th June. Aotearoa Quilters are guests at Taupo and will be showing 2 other exhibitions by our members. We are hoping to have a dinner for members as well. Information will be coming out about this weekend but keep the dates free and join us if you are able.

Charlotte is planning another 31 day challenge in July as the last one was so popular. It is back by popular demand. We are planning another Webinar in August, title to be confirmed, followed by our AGM in October, so another busy year.

It would appear that 2022 is going to be as difficult as last year for planning activities, so we will do the best we can to keep you interested and involved. With the cancellation of Festival of Quilts, let’s hope Symposium can go ahead.

Keep well and stay safe.

Valda Sutton, President Aotearoa Quilters