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February 2022 Vice-President’s Piece

Hello Lovely Quilters!

Thank you for being here with AQ as we journey further into 2022. Who knows what this year will bring, but we hope it will be a healthy and happy one for all of us.

On the theme of healthy, are you like me and get up and groan after a too-long session at the sewing machine? Do you get tight shoulders or a sore knee? I want to keep quilting for many, many years to come and so I’m looking at ways to keep myself fit, flexible and healthy so I can support my sedentary quilting habit. We’ve added some resources and ideas below to help you do the same. I think it’s all about small changes and forming little habits that will add up to big improvements. I’m definitely adding a water bottle to my sewing room, as I never drink water unless it’s right there in front of me. And then there’ll be the added benefit of increasing my trips to the ladies, an opportunity to boost my step count…!

We’d love to hear your ideas for keeping yourself fit, flexible and healthy while you quilt. Use our contact form to send in your best tips and we’ll add them to the Facebook members page so everyone can benefit from them.

We are about a month away from the BROWN colour challenge due date. Jo, challenge coordinator, says entries are beginning to flow in, which is fabulous, but there is still time for you to add yours. The beauty of this challenge is the impact that the quilts have when displayed as a wall full of one colour – the more quilts, the more impact!

Please spread the word that entries are also open to non-members. In fact, why don’t you forward this newsletter to any quilting buddies who aren’t AQ members? BROWN challenge entry details are on our website under the activities tab, or here.

That’s it from me. Until next time, keep your head high…and your shoulders relaxed!

Charlotte Scott