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November News

As I write this month’s VP’s piece, I’m sitting in Rotorua airport (mask firmly in place) after our two-day AQ committee face to face meeting.
Zoom meetings are wonderful and have really enabled us to keep our meetings regular and vibrant whilst also keeping costs down, but we endeavour to meet face to face once or twice a year for an intensive planning session. It is very productive and easier to brainstorm and discuss when everyone is in the same room! We have put together an exciting program for 2022 and even begun planning for the Great NZ Quilt Show in 2023.
One of our decisions that we can announce is the theme of the next members challenge. LINES is our topic and now I am seeing linear compositions or lined surfaces everywhere. Powerlines, fence lines, tiled surfaces, queues or lines of people….and not least, my own smile lines! Look for more challenge details further along in the newsletter.
We also have plans to grow and foster our regional AQ members (RAQM) groups. A RAQM group is a group of AQ members that meets regularly under the AQ ‘banner’. You don’t have to have any sort of committee or formal structure, but you do have to all be current members of AQ. You also need to be meeting regularly, we suggest every couple of months, and with meetings specifically designated as RAQM group meetings.
If you think you already have a RAQM group, please give one of the committee a call – Heather Craig is our South Island rep and Jo Hollings our North Island rep – and have a chat. And if you would like to establish a RAQM group in your area, they would also love to hear from you. We would like to offer any support we can.
As 2021 winds to a close, we look forward to sharing 2022 with you.
Happy stitching everyone and see you at the Christmas zoom meeting!
Charlotte Scott, Vice President