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AQ Members Odd Object Challenge

A challenge to challenge you!

Incorporate a found object into your work – yes, we said ‘work’, not quilt! Make a quilt OR item that contains quilting, incorporating a found object which will be sent to you by another AQ member taking part in the challenge.

The found object must be small (under 10 cm in height and 3 cm in depth), robust (no leaves or anything that could disintegrate) and is an item not usually used in sewing (no fabric, lace, buttons etc.)

Then practice your photography as all entries will be judged by photo entry, and all photos will be displayed as an online gallery. Items must fit into a 50 cm cube.


  • Sign-ups close on 29th April.
  • After sign-ups are closed off, participants will be sent the name, email address and postal address of another participant (the receiver).
  • Participants need to send a found object that meets the guidelines to their receiver by May 5th. Participants will also need to send an email to the receiver with the tracking number of the parcel. If you have an interesting story about your object, please let your receiver know, it might help them as they make their work.
  • Entries are to be finished and entered via photograph by 30th June (entry form will be on the AQ website.)
  • The challenge will be judged and prizes awarded. Originality of design, and inventiveness with the use of the object will be taken into consideration, as will the clarity of the photography.

Object Guidelines:

  • Size – must be under 10 cms in length and height, and under 3 cms in depth.
  • Object must be robust.
  • Object must be something not usually used in sewing such as buttons or lace, but may be something found in a sewing room e.g. a bobbin, a thimble etc.
  • Object must be clean and sanitary, and PG rated.
  • Please find an object that you would be happy and interested to work with if you received it.

Quilt/Work Guidelines:

  • Work must contain quilting of some kind (three layers held together with stitches) and textiles of some kind.
  • Work must fit within a 50 cm cube.
  • Work must incorporate the found odd object so it is visible and recognisable.

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