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2018 AGM Minutes

Minutes for the 2018 Annual General Meeting

4 August 2018, 5.00pm @ Navajo Steak House,

Fitzherbert Ave, Palmerston North.


Mary Culver, President, welcomed Members & Guests to the 2018 AGM.


Present: Lorna Newsome, Kay Booth, Yvonne Moore, Jane Shaw, Charlotte Scott, Shirley Sparks, Judi Schon, Bobby Duncan, Marie Williams, Donna Cumming, Liz McKenzie, Mary Transom, Bev Howe, Julia Arden, Jacqui Hale, Christine Proffit, Anne Adams, Mary Culver, Felicity Ellison.


Apologies were received from Sharon Kelly, Valda Sutton, Wendy Welsh, Kay Coolbear, Cindy Dobbin, Ruth Lewis, Juliet Fitness, Avon Haigh, Margaret Rogerson, Paula Cole, Alison Laurence, and Barbara Hilford. Apologies moved Felicity Ellison, seconded Marie Williams.


Minutes of previous AGM 2017:  Felicity gave a summary of the minutes as these were on line. Moved Felicity Ellison /Seconded Liz McKenzie.


Matters arising: Great New Zealand Quilt Show. Due to earthquake strengthening the venue has had to be changed and the date to March 2019.


Correspondence: Nil.


Treasurer’s Report: Liz McKenzie presented her report, Attached

Moved Liz McKenzie /Seconded Judi Schon


Marie Williams pointed out that using phone / “zoom” and less face to face meetings has cut travel costs. Julia Arden asked if there would large expenses pertaining to the Auckland Symposium as with Christchurch. Mary Culver said it was up to the committee to live within our means. This raised the fact that the committee would like a person who has expertise in funding and sponsorship, a gap in our income stream.

Shirley Sparks thanked Liz for the accounts and their clarity.


Presidents Report: Mary Culver gave her report. Attached.

Moved Mary Culver /Seconded Yvonne Moore.


Mary thanked Ruth Lewis, committee member who is stepping down, for her work and support.



The committee at this time has 8, we can have 10. We have 1 nomination.

Bev Bagby from Northland. Mary read her resume. And moved that the nomination be accepted / seconded Marie Williams.

To co-opt people for specific areas is an option.


General Business: 

Cosy Kiwi Kids Bobby Duncan gave a comprehensive report. Attached.  Thanks to Bobby and Marie. A letter of Thanks to be sent to Sue Muir who has done the binding on the last of the Rotorua quilts. Still need completed quilts. Funding for freight can be an issue.


Professional Development Seminar – May 27th, Wellington. This went well and was enjoyed by all the participants. This is valuable for the future of judging in New Zealand. Next topic to be sorted. One suggestion has been Quilt Appraisal.


The Great New Zealand Quilt Show

Shirley Sparks gave a short verbal report. Organisation is well on the way, Venue, judges, merchants and stands. More work to be done, call for Quilts will be soon.


Members Challenge – 2019  at the GNZQS. As part of the Ailsa Craig Challenge the theme is “New Zealand through our eyes” Some quilts to travel and go to Ailsa Craig. It is planned to bring the Ailsa Craig quilts here and tour them with the New Zealand ones. There is a line up of sizes. 8”x8”, 18”x18”, 18”x8”, 8”x18”

Shirley suggested some inspirational ideas maybe put up on the website.


Challenge 2019 / 25th/Silver Anniversary.

Since 2013 there have been 7 colour challenges and have been popular.

2019 is to be silver. Size is yet to be given; it will NOT be 12×12.


Ailsa Craig 2019.

Aotearoa Quilters were invited to participate in the Ailsa Craig Festival, Canada, as guest exhibitors. Details are now being sorted. Details of the set up were given. Quilts will be needed for a trunk show soon. Also those going will be taking 100- 120 older and new quilts showing the essence of New Zealand quilters.

Tutors selected: The Ailsa Craig committee would have taken all.

The four selected are Charlotte Scott, Catherine McDonald, Clare Smith and Merrilyn George.



Move motion – change to constitution. Mary read out the changes to the constitution made at the special general meeting in May.  All agree these changes be accepted. Moved Donna Cumming, Seconded Bobby Duncan. Passed


Other Business:

Mary Transom asked about honouring Ann Scott in some way. She did get a Queen’s birthday honour and we sent a card.

Jacqui Hale asked about having a Pin for members to wear. The committee is considering this with the new logo.

Julia Arden thanked the Executive for their work over the last year.


Meeting closed 6.08