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Monthly Archives: March 2014

Why do we love going to see Quilt exhibitions

All quilters seem to enjoy going to visit a quilt exhibition. This could be their local group show or a national exhibition or a solo exhibition. What attracts us to these? seeing a quilt that we then have to go and get the pattern of and make it seeing how someone quilted their quilt seeing […]

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check out new presidents blogs on entering exhibitions and also visiting exhibitions

 Do you or don’t you enter exhibitions?  Many organisations put exhibitions on including your own club or guild and struggle to get entries at times. We all enjoy visiting the exhibitions so why don’t we enter them. Check out the article here and give us your feedback. The second blog is about what you get […]

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why do you or don’t you enter exhibitions?

I love to enter exhibitions. Why? Well generally I like the use of a deadline for me to get something finished. Also sometimes a challenge category gets me going on an idea. Early on in my quilting career I entered my first two quilts into my local quilt group show. I didn’t think anything of […]

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