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Monthly Archives: April 2013

Galleries working again

You can again view all the wonderful galleries available on the Aotearoa Quilters website – check them out! Quilt Aotearoa Challenges Web Challenges  

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What inspires you?

Two new articles on the blogs – read Fennella’s latest article on Inspiration and comment on what inspires you to create. There is also a new scholarship update by Norma Finding inspiration in fabric. ArtPost  in Hamilton have confirmed the dates for Norma’s exhibition. It runs from the 23rd August to 23rd September 2013 so mark these […]

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Finding inspiration in fabric

There is a lovely sign in a shop window at our local mall that reads:  Give Yourself Flowers.  And that is what I have been doing for the past two months:  giving myself flowers – yards and yards of it. This month, I thought I’d give you an idea of the progress I have made […]

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