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Proposed changes to the constitution

Aotearoa Quilters received a lot of feedback on what members would like the Association to do during the consultation on winding it up.  When the committee looked at this feedback we realized that there would need to be some changes made to our constitution to enable us to do this. So at this years Annual General Meeting we are proposing to make changes to the constitution so that we have the mechanism to do other things in the future. It is important to realize that we are not necessarily implementing these changes immediately but want to be able to do so if after consultation with members and the wider quilting community we should go ahead.

So the changes (highlighted in bold  text) are as follows with some reasons for the change in brackets:

  1. The committee shall consist of not less than seven  five and not more than ten Members from which the

    office bearers shall be appointed (a possible reduction in meeting costs if fewer committee members)

  2. Three Regional Representatives appointed but not on the committee  representing:

    i. the South Island

    ii. the North Island from the town of Taupo south.

    iii. the North Island north of the town of Taupo.and any other region as appointed by the committee

Shall provide a supportive and information gathering and dissemination role for the committee. ( we believe the regional representatives should be responsible for collecting information on quilters and groups in their area and providing this information for the newsletter and the website so that members can see what is happening in other parts of the country)

3.  Under Interpretation – add” And any member  of a Guild which has paid a capitation levy subject to Clause  5. “Guild” is a group or club to which those with an interest in  patchwork and quilting and aligned crafts pay a membership fee to belong.  A “Guild” will usually be a legally constituted body but may not be. (new clause to give Aotearoa Quilters the mechanism to put capitation fees in place with groups / guilds. This is in addition to the current membership structure as there would need to be consultation with the groups and there will also be people who do not belong to other groups/guilds and we would not want to preclude them from being a member)

4. Under membership the following changes to allow capitation fees (if groups/guilds were interested

  1. The members of the Association shall  comprise the Members of the Association immediately prior to  Incorporation, together with such other people as the Committee admits to Membership and any groups, clubs or guilds who apply to be affiliate members, and such individuals who  pay a capitation levy to the Association through their membership to their local guild.  
  2. Affiliate membership is open to all groups, clubs and guilds with a membership greater than one (1) which  accept the objects and rules of the Association, and who apply in writing to the Membership Secretary.

5.     The registered office of the  Association shall be Smart Accounting Services, 8 Richardson Street, Whakatane      3120., PO Box       224, Whakatane 3158 the address of the current treasurer ( to enable this to be kept current due to changes of committee and auditor)

6.     Under Liquidation of the Association

  1. The Association may be liquidated at a General Meeting by the majority of Members present, provided  thirty (30) days notice of motion has  been given to all Members through a special newsletter.  A quorum must be present. Proxy votes will be allowed in writing by a singular postal vote (hard copy or email) submitted no later than 10 days prior to the General Meeting.  Any winding up resolution must be confirmed at a second general meeting, called not less than thirty (30)  days after the first meeting, to pass a resolution confirming the earlier  decision to wind up the Association.  At the second meeting the confirming resolution will be passed if  approved by a simple majority of all valid votes cast by the Members  voting in person.  If the confirming  resolution is lost, then the earlier resolution shall lapse.  If the confirming resolution is passed, the Members shall appoint one or more liquidators to wind up the Association.

7. New clause: New Zealand Symposia. All documentation, contracts and seeding money will be held in trust by the Association to enable consistency and support for all future New Zealand Symposia. Aotearoa Quilters will pass on base documents, contracts,  timetables and other information to future Symposium committees to enable them to easily deliver future Symposia. ( feedback from the wider quilting community is that this is a clear role for the Association. The committee want to put something in place in the constitution for this to happen. It is envisaged that a discussion will be held with all quilters at the Christchurch Symposium in 2017 to agree a mandate for the Association to fully undertake this role. Palmerston North and Christchurch organisation is well underway and as this is a major shift in how Symposia currently works it was thought wide consultation should be undertaken and a decision made with as many quilters present as possible. This will take time to make it happen and in the meantime the Association is working very well with both Palmerston North and Christchurch Symposium committees to have a wider presence – given we are making other changes to the constitution we thought we should incorporate this one at the same time so that the mechanism is in place if required)


All these changes will be voted on at our Annual General Meeting on July 13th 11.30am Percy Thompson Art Gallery, Stratford, Taranaki. Please provide us with your feedback by adding yor comments to this post or emailing us at

Catherine McDonald

9 Responsesso far.

  1. Mary Napper says:

    Congratulations on getting to the point of putting these proposed changes out there.

  2. Mary Transom says:

    I would like to add my congratulations also. There has been a lot of thought put into these changes and hopefully they will be passed at the AGM to move AQ forward and increase our member base. Then the Association is on track to truly become a National Association.

  3. The proposed constitutional changes are a positive step towards making Aotearoa Quilters a truly national body. An organisation that can represent and inform all quilters in New Zealand and, overseas quilters, about New Zealand.
    Up to this point any representation has been on an ad hoc basis as they have not had a mandate to do anything else.
    These changes could allow AQ to levy quilters through their club or guild membership (a minimal cost that is added to nearly every other club membership in the country be it a sports club, hobbies club or indeed other crafts). It would give smaller clubs ready access to information about local or nationwide exhibitions, tutors, quilt businesses and the larger organisations an avenue of communication that does not presently exist.
    The capitation levy would not impinge on individual membership.
    The most important change mooted is that of stepping up to the national symposia. Since the 1980s these biennial events have been run on a volunteer basis with some quite important tacit agreements in place (such as passing on the ‘seed’ money with, where possible, an increase). The problem has been that as the event grows in stature smaller centres feel they are unable to step up to manage it. By AQ acting as the ‘holder or record’ many hours or planning would be eliminated and experienced help would be on hand.
    Symposia are also a platform that traditionally national associations usually hold. By that I mean that a national exhibition of world-class standard, guest speakers and tutors from around the world and classes and events for all levels of quilters. In effect an annual conference.

  4. Marie Williams says:

    Congratulations that is really clear to read and I think reflects well on what my (somewhat limited) understanding was at the Wellington Meeting.

  5. Sonya Prchal says:

    We’ll done, I agree with all the proposed changes, especially the new clause about the New Zealand Symposia.

  6. Kay Booth says:

    I’ll add my congratulations as well.
    I agree with all the proposed changes and believe the New Zealand Symposia clause to be the way of the future.
    In fact, should future Symposia make a profit, a donation/grant to AQ of $2000-$5000 may well be considered to enable AQ to focus on national opportunities and development for quilters, rather than having to put the energy into raising funds to keep going.

  7. thanks all for your feedback. Discuss it with other members and get them to add their comments as well. The more feedback the easier it is for those at the meeting to make a decision

  8. Catherine McDonald says:

    I have checked out incorporated societies today and we are unable to change the registered address of the association to a P.O. Box number. We can have it for our communications etc but not the registered address of the association so we will have to change it to a physical address either of the treasurer or maybe the auditor that is used.

  9. Sheryl Nagels says:

    I’m not currently a member but have been off and on over the years. I like the clause involving NANZQ with symposia. That may be the vehicle needed to provide the support for some of the smaller NZ cities/towns to host a symposium. Also an affordable fee for Guilds to become involved. All steps in the right direction to make NANZQ a true national association. These ideas have been bandied about for years, good to see them being acted on.