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Winter lecture #1 Meg Cox: Behind the Scenes at the World’s Greatest Quilt Museum

After the success of the 100 Day Project last year, Aotearoa Quilters is offering some different activities for winter 2021.

So many quilt tutors and lecturers have been unable to travel to in-person gigs, that they have embraced technology and using Zoom and other platforms to reach out.

The first of our planned winter lecture series takes us on a journey round the world’s greatest quilt museum. If this lecture is a success, we plan to offer more later in the winter.

Let Meg Cox, who serves on the board of advisors for the International Quilt Museum in Lincoln, Nebraska, open the vaults and reveal the treasures of this astounding place. Her PowerPoint lecture will show you masterpiece quilts, introduce you to curators and break down the steps in mounting an exhibition. IQM boasts a broad and unique collection of American quilts, including the red and white quilts that dazzled the quilt world when hung in Manhattan’s Park Avenue Armory in 2011. But its storied collection of more than 8,000 quilts also includes examples from 65 countries. Meg created this presentation to benefit the museum she loves, so she donates every penny to the IQM. Learn how you can search the entire collection and view every exhibition online.

Author and quilter Meg Cox is a sought-after speaker and teacher at guilds and museums and a staff writer for Quiltfolk magazine. Her journalism has been published by dozens of national magazines and the Wall Street Journal, where she was a staff reporter for 17 years. A past president of the national nonprofit Quilt Alliance, Cox serves on the advisory board of the International Quilt Museum in Lincoln, Nebraska. She writes a popular free monthly newsletter called Quilt Journalist Tells All! and wrote a bestselling resource guide, The Quilter’s Catalog (Workman Publishing). Cox is also an expert on tradition and has written 4 books on family ritual and celebration. For more, go to


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