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NZ Quilt Judges

If you would like to be added to our register of quilt judges, please add your details here.

Judges Directory Form

If you are a quilting or textile art judge and would like to be added to the New Zealand Judges directory, or if you wish to UPDATE your details, please complete this form. Your previous listing will be deleted and the new listing added to the directory.

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Please indicate if you are available to Scribe or support a quilt judge ( a way of gaining experience) and /or available to be a judge at a quilt show.
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Please list any training workshops you have completed that relates to the development of your skills as a quilt judge.
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Please list any opportunities you have had to be a quilt judge.
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Anything else you would like to tell people: This may relate to your skills, interests, availability, recommendations or endorsements by others.
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