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Lime Colour Challenge Conditions of Entry

Conditions of Entry


All conditions outlined in the Conditions of Entry and the Entry Form must be met to make entries eligible for awards.


Aotearoa Quilters invites Members and Non Members to enter the Colour Challenge, a 12” wide x 16” high quilt which is predominately Lime in colour. The theme and techniques used are the Quilt Maker’s own choice. However, the quilt needs to be securely constructed with materials to withstand travelling to several venues. All entries must be for sale. The quilts will be exhibited at various venues arranged by Aotearoa Quilters.

Quilt details

  • The finished quilt must measure 12 inches wide by 16 inches high.
  • The colour of the quilt is to be predominately Lime.
  • The quilt must not be mounted or framed with hard materials.

Hanging and Identification Details

  • A hanging sleeve 2 ½ inches wide, finishing ½ inch from either side and no more than ½ inch from the top edge of the quilt, is to be securely stitched to the top of the quilt.
  • The hook side of Velcro is to be stitched to the top edge of the hanging sleeve. [also ½ inch from the sides and top of the quilt] No stick-on velcro is to be used.
  • Soft-sided Velcro is to be named with the quilt title only and attached to the hook side of the Velcro. [this is for protection of quilts when packaged for travel]
  • A fabric label with the quilt title, maker’s name and contact details is to be securely attached to the quilt, on the back bottom left-hand corner, when viewed from the back.

Entry Details

  • Entrants may be Members or Non-Members of Aotearoa Quilters. The entry fee is – Members $15 – Non-Members $25 – each additional entry $10, paid by online banking to ASB 12-3048-0289863-00 Reference: Lime and Your Name.
  • Entries must include a self-addressed courier/postage bag (no cartons) large enough for the return of the quilts. It is acceptable to send and return more than one Lime entry in the same bag . Cardboard and other forms of packing (except a cloth bag) are not retained for return of quilts because of storage constraints.
  • Aotearoa Quilters reserves the right not to accept any quilts that do not meet the conditions of entry or that the Committee deems as not being a suitable entry.
  • Insurance of entries is the responsibility of the entrant. Whilst all care will be taken, Aotearoa Quilters will not accept liability for any loss or damage of quilts.

Exhibiting Details

  • All entries are for sale at $150. The Entrant will receive $120 and Aotearoa Quilters will retain $30 if the quilt is sold.
  • Unsold Quilts will be returned to the makers within 12 months unless otherwise arranged with the Quilt Maker.
  • Quilts will be exhibited at a range of venues arranged by Aotearoa Quilters.
  • Quilts are not to be exhibited at any other venues prior to entering this challenge.

Photography Details

  • Partial photographs of up to 20% of the quilt may be shared on social media or any other public forum prior to the opening exhibition. The intention is to create interest without revealing the main features of the quilt.
  • Aotearoa Quilters may use photographic images for promotional purposes. Quilt makers will be acknowledged.

Submission Details

  • Complete an entry form and entry fee payment online for each submission.
  • Include a return addressed courier/postage bag large enough for the return of quilts. For the protection of your quilt, it should be submitted in a suitably sized cloth bag that is labelled with the quilt title and makers name.
  • Online entries close on Monday 15th March 2021.
  • Quilts are to arrive no later than Friday 19th March. Late entries will not be accepted.

Courier/postal address

                                               Valda Sutton

                                                Challenge Coordinator

                                                200 Reservoir Road

                                                Thames 3500

Online Entry Form is here