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International Challenge 2020

Entries are now closed.


The International Challenge 2020 is an exciting international challenge available only to Aotearoa Quilters members. 30 AQ members are able to participate in this challenge.

The invitation for this challenge comes from Izumi Takamori from the Nihon Heritage Quilt Guild in Japan. Quilters in France have also been invited to participate and are co-ordinated by Rita Kirchmann.

Thirty quilters from each of the three countries will be involved with thirty themes: 30 quilters from each of 3 countries – 30 themes = 90 quilts!

Japan, France and Aotearoa New Zealand

The 90 quilts will initially be exhibited in Japan, at the Third Quilt Time Festival, on June 4th 5th  and  6th  2020.

Aotearoa Quilters plan to exhibit the 90 quilts at the Great New Zealand Quilt Show, May 2021. All of the 90 quilts will then be exhibited in other NZ locations., and will be exhibited in France in April 2022 at the ‘International Biennial Quilt & Textile Art’ show, and will then also tour France & some locations in Europe.

We are seeking thirty Aotearoa Quilters Members to participate.

The theme is ‘Cities of the World’.

How does it work?

You can download and see the thirty subjects here 2020 International Challenge, Cities of the World

There are three cities identified from each of the participating countries. The other twenty-one cities are from around the globe. You can google, research, use your own experience/photos of a place and interpret or represent the theme in any way you want. You should illustrate/interpret your allocated subject as you choose, rather than copy the photo that is included in the information. When displayed your quilt will hang with the French and Japanese quilt on the same topic. The interpretation from each country is what makes this exhibition so interesting!

If you wish to participate, choose the city/cities you would like as the subject for your quilt. Complete the ENTRY FORM identifying your first choice and up to two other choices. Submit the entry form. When your allocation is confirmed pay the entry fee of $25 via internet banking.

Your allocated choice will be confirmed by return email. If none of your three choices is available (i.e. someone else has already been allocated that topic) you will be offered the opportunity to choose an alternate topic. Entries will be closed when all thirty subjects have been allocated. A waitlist will be created to cover the unforeseen circumstance that someone is forced to withdraw. ( e.g. through illness)

As Aotearoa Quilters are required to submit the work of 30 quilters for this challenge, it is important that if you are unable to proceed, after receiving your subject, that you contact us as soon as possible so your subject can be reallocated to another quilter.

Size : The quilt size is to be 50 x 50cm square (or approximately 19.7”) not on point. It is important the quilt is the correct size to present a cohesive exhibition, and for packaging purposes. Do not take “artistic licence” and make it bigger, smaller or a different shape!

Quilts are to be sturdy enough to travel without being damaged, i.e. not fragile or with embellishments that are fragile or hang beyond the border of the quilt. Do not use very heavy fabrics that will increase the volume and weight unnecessarily.

Each piece should be sturdy enough to be stacked and mailed repeatedly. Pieces with significant three-dimensional features, pieces that require special hanging apparatus, or pieces that are delicate and require special handling are not suitable for this exhibit. Do not use very heavy fabrics or batting, or mount the quilt on a frame or board.

Your quilt should have a label on the back that includes the number & name of the piece, the artist’s name, and the artist’s address, at a minimum.

Hanging Sleeve ( as specified by Izumi) The main difference is that we don’t add velcro, but we attach the sleeve with a small flange at the top, so that pins can be put through that instead of the front of the quilt. Most venues use pins and the other two countries normally use pins.

For the exhibition description panel, each artist is required to provide a good photograph of themselves (head and shoulders, or just head) and a statement of up to 75 words that describes their inspiration for the piece (not the techniques). A form for this information will be made available closer to the time and must be submitted by April 14th 2020.

Entry Fee – $25. Please pay by internet banking   ASB 12-3048-0289863-00  Ref: International & Your Name. Do not pay until your allocation has been confirmed.

Quilts should be posted or couriered to arrive with Mary Culver by April 20th, 2020. One entry per person.

Aotearoa Quilters reserve the right to photograph quilts for publicity purposes. Quilt makers will be acknowledged.
The Japanese and French quilting groups will also photograph quilts for publicity purposes.

Insurance of entries is the responsibility of the entrant. Whilst all care will be taken, Aotearoa Quilters will not accept liability for any loss or damage of quilts.

Deliver quilts to:
Mary Culver
77 Stanley Avenue,
Palmerston North, 4414.

contact Mary by email if you have any queries.

You can expect your quilt to be returned to you in 2023, depending on the show schedule in Europe.