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December 2023 Vice-President’s Piece

Is it just me, or has this year zoomed by? Suddenly it’s another whole year to contemplate, goals to set and New Year’s resolutions to consider. I sometimes think that the Northern Hemisphere peeps have it round the right way. – their Summer holidays in the middle of the year. They can have their big relax in the middle, and then when the New Year rolls around, they are stuck inside in the cold anyway, so why not get all enthusiastic about making plans and starting diets and checklists and to-do lists?! Whereas when the New Year rolls around here, lots of us are firmly planted in our deck chairs, sighing after a hectic December, and seriously soaking up some Vit D! The last thing we are thinking about is goals, aspirations and planning!

Whatever you are up to this Summer, and whether you celebrate Christmas or not, Aotearoa Quilters wishes you a safe and happy holiday season, with maybe a little bit of stiching thrown in, and we won’t point fingers if you do find time to jot down some 2024 goals…

Further down in this newsletter you’ll find a recipe for a delicious dessert. I’m pretty sure I shared a Spiced Rum Cheesecake recipe last year, so I thought I’d share what will be on my dessert table (besides the beloved pavlova) again this year. You’ll also see what the silly season summer sew along group have been up to and then catch up with what a few AQ members have been up to recently. Please don’t forget to share with us your article submissions, everyone would love to see what you’ve been up to too.

Stay tuned for what we have planned for you in 2024. Symposium in Cambridge in October will be a wonderful event that we are all looking forward too, and we will have plenty to get you enthused about here at AQ too. But for now, best wishes for the season and e noho rā until 2024.

Charlotte Scott
Vice President
Newsletter Editor