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Behind the Scenes

It’s almost the end of March and preparation for the Great New Zealand Quilt Show in May is in full swing.

Exhibition entries are flowing in by post and courier to Shirley, our exhibition convenor. For every parcel, she has to unpack, check each quilt off her list, measure the large ones to see if they conform to size limitations, check the velcro, pin the entry number on the quilt and the corresponding cloth bag, code it for collectiing after the show or couriering home and then spread them flat on beds to keep them uncreased and show presentable.

One day’s worth of parcels at Shirley’s door

There is work being done by our merchant coordinator, Judi, to make sure all the merchants are ready to go, they all have their name badges and show passes and everything else they need to set up a fabulous and enticing shopping area for you. Judi is also busy sorting out catering arrangements for our prizegiving and breakfast.

Julia is keeping the website under control (and believe me, that is a HUGE job!) Liz is making sure the accounts are in order, we have lots of audit work to keep our funding sources happy (and a big thank you to Jill and Shirley for securing wonderful sponsors and funding for the show) as well as all the entry payments for your exhibition entries, Lime challenges and members challenges.

Heather has got some great demo’s lined up for you and is keeping all the demo-ers in order. Valda is doing a stirling job to make sure the classes are going to be fabulous and run smooth as butter. Donna is looking after all the membership details.

Charlotte is trying hard to make sure the show is well advertised (have you told all your friends yet?) and is having fun organising the AQ 100 days guest exhibition.

There is so much behind the scenes work that goes into making a big show like this a success. Don’t forget all the work the merchants, the venue, the caterers, the display board company, the volunteers….I’m sure I’m going to miss a few vital people…are doing as well!

You’d be forgiven for thinking the committee would want to put their feet up for a well deserved rest after the show is over! But never fear! We are ALSO working busily on more exciting programs and events to bring you in the near future. Jo has something special up her sleeve for you.. it’s all secret squirrel for now…but think learning combined with a challenge, and plenty of colour!

We look forward to catching up with you all in Rotorua for a glorious quilt show in May.

May your stitches be straight and your bobbins full!