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Anna Hicks

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Tutor Name: Anna Hicks
Tutor Introduction:

Anna is a sustainable textile artist who loves getting inspired by waste fabrics and creating textile art & sustainable fashion pieces. She holds a Bachelor of Design in Fashion & is a passionate advocate for the health benefits of creativity. Anna spends her time creating, teaching, speaking and is always learning something new.

Classes Taught:

Anna teaches art quilting classes that are inspired by traditional but use modern techniques to make things easier. All classes have a focus on understanding the design elements & how to use them (or ignore them) in quilting; especially colour, value, line & movement. Most classes are inspired by using up quilting scraps and other textile waste.
The class motto is always: 'Imperfections are proof it was handmade.'

Tutor City: Porirua
Aotearoa Quilters Member: Yes
Porirua, New Zealand
Contact Information
Phone: 0276989405

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