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Heather Harding

Heather Harding – Life Member 2013

Heather has been quilting for over 25 years and has won national awards for both hand and machine quilting. She has been regularly featured in national and international magazines and has exhibited internationally. Heather has been on the executive committee of Aotearoa Quilters (when NANZQ), is a tutor, a judge and a life member of her local guild.

Heather cut the end of her finger off in a lawn mower accident and when she was at the hospital told the doctor that he had to save her finger because she was a quilter. The hospital said “what is your name” and Heathers reply was my first name is ‘bloody’ and my second name is ‘stupid!’ Heathers finger eventually healed though ended up a bit shorter but she was able to continue to quilt and win awards. Heather was awarded her life membership for her services to quilting.