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President’s Challenge

It was great to hear the positive feedback from the regional meetings regarding the President’s Challenge. By now you should have some sort of plan in place and know the approximate size. The wall hanging needs to be finished in time to be exhibited at the GNZQS so we will be wanting them in by the end of April. That will give us time to make the labels for the quilts and plan the exhibition. They will not need to be posted as there are committee members close by to you all and they will be happy to receive them and take them to Christchurch. Your quilt will need to have a hanging sleeve and the hook side of Velcro attached as we normally do.  Your quilt will also need a label on the back.  See instructions below.

To allow us to do some planning I would like a member of your regional group to fill out the ‘Intention to Enter’ form no later than 30th June. This will be the person that we can contact if necessary. I realise that you do not know the exact size but please give an indication if you can. As we get closer to the show there will be an entry form to fill out that will be similar to what we have for the GNZQS. There will be no cost for entering your quilt in this challenge.

Hanging and Identification Details

  • A hanging sleeve 2 ½ inches wide, finishing ½ inch from either side and no more than ½ inch from the top edge of the quilt, is to be securely stitched to the top of the quilt.
  • The hook side of Velcro is to be stitched to the top edge of the hanging sleeve. Velcro should be ½ inch from the sides and top of the quilt. No stick-on velcro is to be used.
  • Soft-sided Velcro is to be named with the quilt title only and attached to the hook side of the Velcro. The soft sided Velcro is for protection of quilts when packaged for travel.
  • A fabric label with the quilt title,  Regional Group, maker’s names and contact person is to be securely attached to the quilt, on the back bottom left-hand corner, when viewed from the back.