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2023 GNZQS – Freeform Improv Piecing


1-day Quilt class, 12 May 2023 9 am – 4 pm.
Class fee $120. Optional machine hireage $30.

Tutor: Melissa Gelder


Students will create one of a kind, personalised artworks using beginner, improvisational, freeform piecing.

Ideal for those curious about contemporary quilts and who embrace a modern aesthetic, but wonder how to start.

In small, bite sized pieces, learn improv techniques and practice skills that break some traditional rules.

Make a small (approx. 12” x18”) piece of work (or several) that are abstract, intuitive, and fun to make!

This is a piecing project class and will not address quilting your work. If you bring your own sewing machine, please make sure it is in good working order, you know how to use it, and you bring all appropriate bits and pieces to make it go! Machines are available for hire.

About Melissa:

Melissa Gelder began quilting 12 years ago. Her happiest sight is looking at a wall of colour, she will forgo food for a rainbow pack of coloured pencils/fat quarters/threads.

With the Auckland Quilt Guild she ran classes for 20 different tutors, national and international, and loves helping students learn, play, and create in the classroom.

Improvisational piecing became a way for her to explore colour, value, texture, and shape without the pressure of “doing it right” or making a big quilt. The freedom for students to create small, intuitive pieces is the goal of her teaching.

In her own work, she quilts on a computerised longarm and is currently exploring geeky computer programs for digital quilting designs. She draws on patternmaking, dressmaking, traditional piecing and old school graphics experience which all contribute to the fun she has with textiles.

Class bookings are closed now.