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Monthly Archives: November 2014

Check out what a judge looks for in a quilt

Guest blogger and new committee member Juliet Fitness has written about judging a quilt show and what the judge will look for. With Symposium coming up, take what Juliet has written about and use it to understand why the judges picked a particular quilt as a prize winner. This is not about whether they like […]

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What a quilt judge looks for in a quilt by Juliet Fitness

Last year I had the honour to be invited to speak at the Auckland Quilt Guild on what a quilt judge looks for in a quilt.  Much to my amazement this has become a popular topic, and it was suggested I pass on my thoughts in the blog.  I have to say that my expertise […]

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Meet the Aotearoa Quilters Committee

The 2014 Aotearoa Quilters Committee was voted in at our AGM in Stratford. See the committee members profiles here. Aotearoa Quilters Committee  

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