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100 Days Exhibition Conditions of Entry

Aotearoa Quilters invites participants in the 2020 Aotearoa Quilters 100 Days Project to submit an entry for the AQ 100 Days exhibition. The exhibition will be shown during The Great New Zealand Quilt Show, to be held at the Energy Events Centre, Rotorua, 14 -16 May 2021.


We have arranged vertical hanging space and horizontal table space to display work that was done during the project. Therefore we can accept 3D work, sketchbooks, etc. as well as work that hangs on a wall.

Please read conditions of entry carefully before submitting an entry.

If you wish to submit 2 works or 2 types of work (wall mounted or 3D), please complete 2 entries.

Entry Details

Entrants must have been registered for the 2020 AQ 100 Days Project.

Work to be displayed must have some relationship to the 100 days project. It may be:

  • A completed piece of work that you worked on during the project.
  • An unfinished piece of work that you worked on during the project.
  • Samples or experiments that you worked on during the project.
  • Samples or experiments that you worked on AND a piece of work that resulted from these samples/experiments.
  • Photographs of your 100 day project work.
  • A sketchbook or similar of your 100 day work.

  1. If multiple small works (eg. 50 x 4” embroidery samples) are being submitted, please find a way to combine these into one work. For example, stitch them onto a single large piece of black calico fabric.
  2. Works must be securely labelled on the back with the maker’s name and contact details.
  3. Work to be hung vertically must have a strip of Velcro attached to the top edge. The hook side of the Velcro is to be attached to the work and must have a strip of soft side Velcro covering it.
  4. 3D work must have a ribbon (or other method of securing) attached to enable it to be pinned to the table.
  5. All parties involved in the construction of the work must be named on the entry form.
  6. If there is more work available than we have room to display, there will be a selection process.
  7. Selection of projects will be made by photograph. Do not send works until you receive notification of where and when to send.
  8. Selections will be made to make the most varied, interesting and explanatory collection of work.
  9. Insurance of entries is the responsibility of the entrant. Whilst all care will be taken, Aotearoa Quilters will not accept liability for any loss, misdirected or delayed mail or damage or loss of entries while in their care.
  10. Photography of the exhibition will be permitted by the general public.
  11. Aotearoa Quilters may use photographic images for promotional purposes. Quiltmakers will be acknowledged.


Photography Details

It is important to submit good quality photographs, as they may be used for selection into the exhibition. Photographs need to be a full photo of the completed work to provide an example to the organiser to help with show planning.

One photograph is required for each entry – a full photo that shows the completed work. Name the photo files and check the file size before completing your online entry form.

  • Each file must be no smaller than 1 Mb and no larger than 4 Mb. Save your digital images as a JPEG file. Your computer photo viewing programme and/or your cellphone camera both have options for resizing.
  • Name each photo file as EntrantsLastNameInitial_WorkTitle For example: ScottC_PlayfulLancewood


Submission Details 

  • A copy of your entry form will be automatically emailed to you
  • Online entry and photographs must be submitted by 23th March 2021. Notification for selection/non-selection will be in April 2021. All further details about sending your quilt will be sent with the acceptance email.