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Formed in 1994 as the National Association of New Zealand Quilters (NANZQ), we support quilters and textile artists by offering classes, exhibitions and professional development opportunities. Membership is open to anyone interested in the NZ quilting and textile scene.

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Podcasts – and Why You Should Know What They Are. by Charlotte Scott

When I first started listening to podcasts, I asked my husband (a reforming technophobe) what he thought a podcast was. He replied, “A what cast? Podcast? It sounds like something from an alien film!”

So what is a podcast? The name ‘podcast’ came from combining the word ‘broadcast’ with ‘iPod’ – which indicates the popularity of the iPod as a portable listening device. Podcasts are digital audio files that are available on the Internet for downloading to a computer or portable media player. They can then be listened to at your leisure. It’s like radio on demand for the Internet. And podcasts are usually made in a serial format, with new installments regularly.

Podcasts have been around for more than a decade, but recently their popularity has boomed as the technology needed to create and listen to them has become simpler to use. There are several hundred thousand podcasts out there, on just about any topic you could imagine, and so, of course, there are a few about quilting.

You’ll find three general types of podcasts. There are professional podcasts, which are often recorded radio shows that are then made available for general listening. This is how I discovered podcasts. I started listening to Radio New Zealand shows from their website when I had missed their radio broadcast slots. There are independent podcasters – semi-professionals whose podcasts are sponsored in some form and may include advertising that reflects this. And lastly, there are amateurs, people who are passionate about a topic and just want to share it with the world.

The beauty of podcasting is that anyone can do it. So a good chunk of the podcasts out there are made by these amateurs – people just like you and me. They got hold of some audio editing software, signed up to the podcasting host site, sat down with their microphone (or even just a smart phone!) and started recording. I love listening to these homegrown podcasters. It’s like a little peek into other people’s lives. The consumers are becoming producers, and the producers are consumers and engage in conversations with each other to further their ideas about a subject. They also have the soap opera appeal – you get to know the podcasters, you get interested in them, and you want to know what happens next!

Have you decided you want to try listening yet? The simplest way to find a quilting podcast is toyou’re your search engine and type is ‘quilting podcast’ or ‘podcast quilt’ or any other combination of similar terms. Usually a podcaster will have a web site or a blog that goes along with their podcast, and this is what you find listed in your search results. When they write what that day’s show is about, it’s called show notes. The show notes will often include clickable links or pictures for the things they have talked about, and many podcasters embed an audio player with the podcast on it, so you can click and listen right from the show notes. The idea of a podcast is to combine media – you listen and you can use the show notes to investigate further – following links and looking at images.

You can also download podcast apps (known as podcatchers) to your portable device (iPad, smartphone, iPod, etc.) and then in that app you can search for the podcaster you enjoy, subscribe to their feed and every time they post a new episode, it will conveniently pop up in your app for you to listen to. That way you don’t have to remember to go check their webpage. If you are looking for new podcasts to listen to, you can search using a topic and then listen to a podcast without subscribing just to see if you like it first.

You can use iTunes, the podcast app on your iPad or other apps like Pocket Casts, BeyondPod and Overcast. You can also search in podcast hosting sites like PodBean, PodOmatic, SoundCloud, Libsyn and Stitcher Radio.

Once you’ve downloaded or subscribed to a podcast you can now listen to it whenever you like. I use podcasts to keep me company when I’m doing housework, walking the dog, or free-motion quilting.

Video podcasts are available too, but they don’t provide that ‘multitasking’ ability that audio podcasts do. You have to set aside time to watch a video to get the most out of it, and most of us are already lacking in the free-time department.

Apart from the providing company aspect of listening to podcasts, there are other benefits too. There are some really informative interviews of people within the quilting industry, and I’ve learned a lot from listening to established entrepreneurs within the handmade market place. But one of the biggest benefits is community. I feel like I really know the quilting podcasters that I listen to. I care about them. I’ve known of several quilts that have been made for podcasters by their listeners (in secret) when the podcaster has been going through a tough time, whether it be bereavement or otherwise. And isn’t that what we quilters are all about? Sharing, community building, and the love of creating something beautiful?

Podcasters love interacting with their community. That’s why they are broadcasting after all. You can leave comments and questions on their blogs and website and usually they provide an email address for you to get hold of them too.

Podcasts are just another way that the quilting community is growing. They are a method to share and learn and grow. So I urge you to give some a listen and see if you can find a few you like. If you’re not sure where to start, here are some of my favorite quilting podcasts:

Hip to be a Square – Pam is a self-professed geek and a very prolific quilter. She puts out a weekly show about her life and her quilts and has a dry sense of humour to go with it. Oh, and lots of cats.

The Quiltcast – a relatively new podcasts done by two young quilt professionals. They have great conversations about designing fabrics, writing books and fitting it all in with family.

American Patchwork and Quilting Radio with Pat Sloan – Pat Sloan interviews up to four people every week on her hour-long show. Always interesting, upbeat and fun.

While She Naps – Abby Glassenburg makes soft toys and sells the patterns. Whilst she’s not a quilter per se, she interviews two guests who are involved in the handmade/craft industry and it’s always informative and inspiring.

Quilting…For the Rest of Us – Sandy is a quilter, fabric dyer and has just ventured into spinning her own yarn. She leads a full and interesting life and her podcasts are never boring.

I decided that there should be a New Zealand flavoured quilting podcast out there. So I am one of those amateurs with some audio software and a recording device putting my quilting thoughts out onto the airwaves. New Zealand quilters have a lot to offer to the world and I want to use my podcast to increase our profile around the world. You can listen to interviews I have done with New Zealand quilters at The Slightly Mad Quilt Lady.

So, have a listen, get involved and learn something new!


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Bojagi – Korean Patchwork in Aot... @ Thistle Hall
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International Quilt Expo and AQ AGM @ Caccia Birch
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10:00 am Kerikeri Quilters’ Exhibition @ Kerikeri Primary School
Kerikeri Quilters’ Exhibition @ Kerikeri Primary School
Oct 4 @ 10:00 am – Oct 6 @ 4:00 pm
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