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Our exhibition opens on 28th August

Exhibition news

Our Christchurch event kicks off on Wednesday August 28th with the opening of New Zealand through Our Eyes exhibition including 50 from our Canadian fellow textile artists. 100 quilts in all.

Also in the same exhibition space, we have the SAQA Oceania group’s exhibit entitled Connections, 32 quilts from New Zealand and Australian artists. Entry is by gold coin donation.

The show is in the Pumanawa Gallery in Christchurch’s Arts Centre in Worcester Boulevard. It runs until September 1st.

AGM news

Nominations closed on August 15th, and there will not need to be an election as those nominees will fill the vacancies. We have ordered our celebration 25th Anniversary cake. Come and help us eat it at the AGM, 5 pm in the YMCA, Hereford Street, Christchurch, and afterwards at the Duo restaurant.