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Members Websites Form

3 Responsesso far.

  1. Wendy Welsh says:

    My blog was on your previous website, but I can’t find it now. I live in Wellington. thank you.

    PS – you box for entering Instagram user names is formatted incorrectly. It should be @wendysquiltsandmore not http://

  2. Wendy Welsh says:

    Me again. I can not get the form to submit. So my facebook is and my Instagram is but as previously said, it should be written @wendysquiltsandmore because Instagram really only works fully on the app, not on a computer. Thanks.

  3. Julia Arden says:

    Hi Wendy, I will look into it. All data on the old site has to be re-entered on the new platform, which is a bit time consuming. I was hoping that people would take the time to update their entries. Some of them haven’t logged in for 6 years and might not even be currently engaged with quilting. That’s why the old stuff has disappeared. Best wishes, Julia