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Ailsa Craig Quilt & Fiber Arts Festival, 2019











An extremely exciting opportunity has been made available to New Zealand Quilters.

In 2019 New Zealand will be the featured country at the Ailsa Craig Quilt and Fibre Arts Festival, in Canada. The festival is unlike any other in the world. The week-long exhibition is completely run by volunteers, and each year exhibits quilts from another country.

* 2011 – Quilts of the Netherlands
* 2012 – Quilts of Denmark
* 2013 – Quilts of Israel
* 2014 – Quilts of Great Britain
* 2015 – Quilts of France
* 2016 – Quilts of Latvia
* 2017 – Canada’s 150th birthday will be celebrated
* 2018 – Quilts of Iceland
* 2019 – Quilts of New Zealand

New Zealand will be represented by Aotearoa Quilters President, a number of committee members, up to four tutors, up to four other NZ quilters and approximately 120 NZ quilts. Members of this delegation will work as part of the festival assisting with setting up the exhibition, white glove duty, teaching classes, speaking of New Zealand quilting history and life in New Zealand etc. Such a huge opportunity for New Zealand Quilters!

We want to thank those who have submitted images of quilts that can be used for promotional purposes.

See the selected quilts here