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Marge Hurst

Marge Hurst       Life Member 2009

Marge was a founding member of NANZQ and was President and Newsletter Editor from 1996 to 2000. Under her leadership, membership grew to close to 500 members.

During her time as President, NANZQ began two of our most valuable activities, the biennial Challenge, and the Master Class.
Marge is a winner of many awards and is well known in both the quilt and the art world, for her stunning quilts.

Marge has been making quilts for more than 25 years and teaching quiltmaking for much of that time. She has exhibited quilts in New Zealand, USA (the most prestigious being Quilt National 1995), Canada, England, France (invitational), Germany (invitational), Japan (invitational) and Australia. She has taught in New Zealand, USA, Canada and Australia where she was the first overseas tutor sponsored by the Barbara Meredith Trust to teach in Australia. Her styles have changed over the years but have been predominantly abstract and using nature as inspiration.

Marge has won a number of awards, the top Innovative Bed Quilt in the ENZED Competition in 1991, Best of Show at the 1993 Wellington Symposium and the 1997 Hamilton Symposium, other awards at various Symposia, 2nd Best of Country at World Quilt one year and a number of awards at club level over the years.

Marge is also a Foundation member of Coastal Quilters, Porirua (which she began with Sue Bracken) and an Artist Member of the New Zealand Academy of Fine Arts.

Along the Waitatapia Stream by Marge Hurst