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2024 – Education Webinar – Denise Labadie – info

Stone Portraits & Sacred StoneScapes.
Accomplished Colorado based art quilter focusing on stone – standing stones, stone buildings and stone monuments. Denise’s webinar, “Stone Portraits and Sacred Stonescapes. My Key Techniques” promises to be a fascinating look into her journey, her quilts and her techniques to achieve her mastery of texture and light.

While reviewing her many quilts, lecture topics typically also touch on:

  • how she actually constructs her stone structures and landscapes
  • her management and control of color, texture, and dimensionality
  • her struggles relative to perspective, depth, and shadowing
  • the critical role of craftsmanship and art fundamentals in creative expression
We have booked Denise’s webinar via zoom on Thursday August 8th 7pm. The webinar will cost $10 per login and is open to members only.