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2019 AGM Minutes

Minutes of the 25th AGM of Aotearoa Quilters (formerly NANZQ) held at the YMCA meeting room, Christchurch, on Saturday August 31st 2019, at 5 pm.


Present : Mary Culver(president), Felicity Ellison, Shirley Sparks, Donna Cumming, Liz McKenzie,  Judi Schon, Julia Arden, Marie Williams, Charlotte Scott, Catherine McDonald, Maria Rohs, Jill Brake, Nicky Holland, Kathleen Burford, , Mary Napper, Andrea McClare, Ngaire Dawson, Heather Craig, Sandy Holden, Lorraine Holmes

Mary Culver welcomed everyone to the 25th AGM.

Apologies: See list attached. Julia Arden (Secretary) moved that the list of apologies be accepted. Seconded Felicity Ellison. Carried.

Minutes of the 2018 AGM.

Julia summarised the Minutes of the 2018 AGM. Julia moved that the Minutes be accepted as a correct record of the AGM. Seconded Mary Culver. Carried.

Matters arising from the Minutes




Financial Report

Liz McKenzie (Treasurer) presented the Financial Report for the year 1 May 2018 to 30 April 2019 (attached). Liz moved that the Financial Report be accepted. Seconded Catherine McDonald. Carried.

President’s Report

Mary Culver presented her report on the successful and busy year that Aotearoa Quilters had had. Report attached.

Moved by Mary Culver, Seconded Marie Williams, carried.

Cosy Kiwi Kids

Marie Williams read out a letter from Bobby Duncan, in which she said that donations were waning and asked if it was time to wind up that project. The consensus was that we should keep going until we reached the 1000 magic figure (921 so far). Perhaps have a push for more, using the newsletter and the Fb page.

Sandy Holden asked if quilts could be brought to regional get-togethers to save postage. Mary Napper reported that her local group wanted quilts to be distributed locally. Catherine McDonald said that most guilds have their own charity projects. Lorraine Holmes said that people like quilts to stay local. Catherine McDonald felt that as a national organisation, we cannot be involved in local distribution, but in the past strong links have been made with social workers in particularly deprived areas.  Mary Culver said that those links with social workers meant that the quilts would travel with the child to their next placement etc. Kathleen Burford reported on the process of collating the donated quilts to the Mosque shooting families.

Mary Culver read out a heart-warming comment from one letter from a child, saying that he really appreciated the work that made the quilt and wrapping himself in it was like being warmed by 100 fires. Agreed that we should quote anonymously from such letters to encourage quilters to donate to Cosy Kiwi Kids.


Other business

Catherine McDonald moved that the current committee be congratulated on the work they have done over the past year. Seconded Mary Napper. Carried.

Mary Culver made a short presentation to thank Marie Williams for her work on the committee over the past 5 years.


The meeting closed at 5.50pm.



President’s Report

The Association was established in 1994 to promote and lead the development of patchwork, quilting and textile art within New Zealand. 2019 is our Silver Anniversary year.

It is our mission to provide New Zealand quilters the opportunity to expand horizons, to share work, and to learn.

We aim to support quilters and textile artists at all levels through offering a variety of classes, exhibitions, regional meetings and professional development opportunities. Membership is open to anyone wishing to keep in touch with the New Zealand Quilting and Textile scene.

So how are we doing?

Over the past year we have successfully held a number of events focused on promoting quilting and textile arts within New Zealand.

  • We have 250 current members, an increase of 30 since 2017
  • Great New Zealand Quilt show – visited by over 1500 people
  • Members colour challenge, & Members challenge ( Art Deco)
  • International links and opportunities – New Zealand Exhibition, seen in Ailsa Craig, Canada, by close to 3000, showcased New Zealand quilting & tutors – Clare, Charlotte, Catherine & Merrilyn . This was an event that will influence the work of those that went in years to come.
  • Emergence of Local area AQ members groups – 3 established groups
  • Education seminar
  • Cosy Kiwi Kids – over 900 quilts – Thanks to Bobby Duncan, & Marie Williams and particularly Wellington Quilters who have been very generous in their donations to this cause.

So – what of the future

Aotearoa Quilters plans include:

  • A second International Japanese Challenge
  • Colour Challenge 2020
  • Members Challenge 2020
  • Education Seminar 2020
  • Regional Event and AGM 2020
  • Members 100 day challenge 2020
  • Further development of roles for Regional Representatives and members
  • Archives History
  • Establish as a regular event The Great NZ Quilt Show Biennial Show for members 2021
  • Judges Directory on the website
  • Education resources on the website – including Zoom webinars
  • Name badges for members
  • Support for local members groups
  • Cosy Kiwi Kids
  • Symposium oversight
  • Development of guidelines for the quilting community

I want to thank all our members but particularly the current committee for their

hard work and commitment to Aotearoa Quilters and their determination to make

the Association a successful organization.

Mary Culver President Aotearoa Quilters


Anne Adams, Sue Ashton, Rosslee Baker, Sandra Bentley, Janet Carter, Marilyn Clark, Raewyn Clark, Paula Cole, Michelle Collings, Mathea Daunheimer, Bobby Duncan, Lois Evans, Donna-Maree Farmer, Juliet Fitness, Merrilyn George, Lynda Grigg, Anne Groufsky, Lee Harper, Petronella Lazet-Polman, Denise Lee, Ruth Lewis, Sarah Martin, Melanie Martin, Kat Martin, Barbara McFarlane, Marilyn Muirhead, Isabel Neilsen, Vicki Newbegin, Catherine Parkinson, Sonya Prchal, Debbie Read, Yvonne Roberts, Margaret Rogerson, Janet Ryan, Clare Saunders-Tack, Janet Shaw, Mary Jane Sneyd, Veronica Spittall, Valda Sutton, Verina Thirlwell, Mary Transom, Sandra Warner, Camilla Watson, Wendy Welsh, Lyn Winter