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The Great New Zealand Quilt Show

Every two or three  years, Aotearoa Quilters hosts its biggest quilt show, to showcase members’ quilts. In addition to the main exhibition, the Great New Zealand Quilt Show is also the place to see other AQ touring exhibitions, attend floor talks, lectures and demos, and visit  our merchants’ mall. There are social events during the weekend, as well as raffles, and other prizes. See our detailed page here

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  1. Robyn Burn says:

    Hawkes Bay Patch workers & Quilter’s are planning to take a bus through to Rotorua, on the Saturday to visit The Great N Z Quilt Show, [ depending on Number’s ] Can you please let me know what the cost to get into the venue is. Looked like you had different prices, that I could see. Many Thanks Robyn

  2. Julia Arden says:

    Hi Robyn, It is $12 for day entry. Regards, Julia