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Monthly Archives: March 2013

A quilt should be satisfying at a distance of both 12 inches and 12 feet

At the shorter distance of 12 inches the quilts integrity will be examined closely for technique and interest. Someone will say how did they do that? Look the points don’t match or they match perfectly! Look at the straight lines or are they slightly wonky and therefore cut freehand? Look how the pattern is made up. […]

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Scholarship News

 Norma Slabbert was the recipient of the 2012 Aotearoa Quilters Scholarship Award.  Norma is working towards a Solo Exhibition at ArtsPost in Hamilton later in 2013 and her award will go towards this. Norma has kindly  agreed to write updates so members can follow her processes and progress as she works towards the exhibition. Read her first update GETTING STARTED […]

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Getting Started

As recipient of the 2012 Aotearoa Quilters Scholarship, I was asked to write something on my project and progress – to share with members. When I received the news about the scholarship late last year, I was already fully engaged in exploring a theme for my next solo exhibition. After months of reading, researching, looking […]

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