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Welcome to Aotearoa Quilters

Formed in 1994 as the National Association of New Zealand Quilters (NANZQ), we support quilters and textile artists by offering classes, exhibitions and professional development opportunities. Membership is open to anyone interested in the NZ quilting and textile scene.

ORANGE – 12 x 12 Colour Challenge, 2017

Colour Challenge – Orange

Conditions of Entry


Aotearoa Quilters invites Members and Non Members to enter the Colour Challenge, a 12 x 12 inch quilt which is predominately in Orange colour. The theme and techniques used are the Quilt Makers choice. All entries must be for sale. The quilts will be exhibited at Quilt Symposium Christchurch 2017 then in various other venues as arranged by Aotearoa Quilters.

Quilt details

* The finished quilt must measure 12 inches by 12 inches and hung as a square. [Not on point]

* The colour of the quilt is to be predominately Orange.

* The quilt must not be mounted or framed with hard materials.

Hanging and Identification Details

* A hanging sleeve 2 ½ inches wide, finishing ½ inch from either side of the quilt, is to be securely stitched to the top of the quilt.

* The hook side of Velcro is to be stitched to the top edge of the hanging sleeve.

* Soft sided Velcro is to be name with the quilt title and maker’s name and attached to the hook side of the Velcro. [this is for protection of quilts when packaged for travel]

* A fabric label with the quilt title, makers name, address and phone number is to be stitched to the back bottom left hand corner of the quilt.

Entry Details

* Entrants may be Members or Non Members of Aotearoa Quilters.

* The entry fee is $15 for Members and $25 for Non Members for the first entry and $10 for each additional entry.

* Entries must include a self-addressed courier bag large enough for the return of the quilts.

* Aotearoa Quilters reserves the right not to accept any quilts that do not meet the conditions of entry or that the Committee deems as not being a suitable entry.

* Insurance of entries is the responsibility of the entrant. Whilst all care will be taken, Aotearoa Quilters will not accept liability for any loss or damage of quilts.

Exhibiting Details

* Entries must be for sale at $125. The Entrant will receive $100 and Aotearoa Quilters will retain $25 if the quilt is sold.

* Unsold Quilts will be returned to the makers within 12 months, after being exhibited at a number of venues arranged by Aotearoa Quilters.

Photography Details

* No photographic images of entries or part of the entry are to be made available for public viewing prior to the opening of Quilt Symposium Christchurch 2017.

* Aotearoa Quilters may use photographic images for promotional purposes. Quilt makers will be acknowledged.

Submission Details

* A completed entry form,   and a return self-addressed courier bag is to accompany each entry.  Orange Entry Form

* Entries are to be submitted in a suitably sized cloth bag that is labelled with the quilt title and makers name.

* Conditions of entries are available here Orange conditions of entry

* Please hold off couriering entries until after the 25th August. ( Thank you for your help)

Entries must be received by 11th September 2017. Courier address – Shirley Sparks, Aotearoa Quilters, 117 Motu Capri, Pauanui 3546.

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