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Floral Challenge

Aotearoa Quilters Floral Challenge

This challenge has been designed especially for the Orchid & Flower Show, Auckland 22nd -25th September 2016. This show attracts thousands of visitors so is a great opportunity to showcase our work.

Make a quilt with a floral theme using any technique or style.These quilts are quick and easy to make 20cm X 45cm (portrait) so encourage everyone to enter! This challenge is open to Aotearoa Quilters’ members, and non-members. Feel free to share your thoughts and inspirations in the comments section below.

You can enter as many quilts as you want to. The quilt entries are due by September 1, 2016 and will be exhibited at The Orchid and Flower Show. All quilts will be for sale ($125). The exhibition will move to other venues (to be advised) and all quilts will be for sale ( $125). All those not sold will be returned to their makers when they have finished touring.

Conditions of Entry
1. Quilts must be 20cm X 45cm (portrait) completed
2. The Floral challenge is open to Aotearoa Quilters members and non-members.
3. The entry fee is $15 for members and $25 non-members. If you enter more than one quilt the second and subsequent entries will be $10 for members and non-members.
4. Quilts must have a hanging sleeve at least 6 cm deep, ending 1/2” from either end of quilt, and have the hook side of Velcro attached to the quilt.
5. Please attach the named soft side of the Velcro for packing purposes to the hook side.
6. The works do not have to be three layers but must be able to be hung with velcro
7. Entries must illustrate a Floral theme.
8. All quilts entered will be accepted and exhibited
9. All entries must be for sale. All quilts will be on sale for the same price as designated by Aotearoa Quilters
o all quilts will be for sale at $125 each
o quilters will receive $100 for their quilt if sold
o the remainder goes in commission to the venue and Aotearoa Quilters
10. Any unsold entries will be returned to the makers, after the Orchid Show.
11. Photographed images of quilts entered may be used by Aotearoa Quilters for promotional purposes. Quilt makers will be acknowledged.

When your quilt is ready, complete the Entry form which you will be able to download here Floral & Yellow Challenge Entry Form
Make your online payment, or enclose payment with the form and your quilt and send to the address below, to arrive by 1st September, 2016:

Please send quilts to;
Mary Culver
Aotearoa Quilters
77 Stanley Avenue
Palmerston North, 4414