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Welcome to Aotearoa Quilters

Formed in 1994 as the National Association of New Zealand Quilters (NANZQ), we support quilters and textile artists by offering classes, exhibitions and professional development opportunities. Membership is open to anyone interested in the NZ quilting and textile scene.

Silent Auction 2017

At Symposium Manawatu in 2015 Aotearoa Quilters ran a Silent Auction auctioning donated quilts to raise funds for Aotearoa Quilters. This was a popular and successful event which we would like to repeat at Creative Construction -Symposium 2017.

We are calling for donations of quilts from members and tutors who would be willing to donate a quilt to our auction. This can be any size or style. If you have a piece you would like to donate please email me (president@aotearoaquilters.co.nz) with the details – i.e. Title of the work, size, a photograph suitable for advertising and promotion, reserve price, and what you would like to happen to the quilt should it not meet the reserve.

Thank you to those who have already donated  a quilt – we really appreciate your support.

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